Shaykh Humayun Hanif DB

Hazrat Shaykh Humayun Hanif has been a Shaykh of Sufi Orders for more than two decades and in that process, has reformed the lives of countless individuals by instilling in them a raging love for Allah and His Prophet (SAW). Born in 1962, he resides in Karachi, Pakistan, where he has lived his entire life.

In 1989, Hazrat began attending Zikr Halqas conducted by Maulana Shamsur Rahman Abbasi DB and in 1991, he enrolled into the Naqshbandia Sufi Order in the hands of Maulana Shamsur Rahman Abbasi DB. In 1994, Hazrat was granted Ijazah (Authorization) to teach the Naqshbandiya Sufi Order, making him a Shaykh and the first Khalifa (Representative) of his Shaykh.

Hazrat has since, and continues to deliver lectures and conduct Zikr Halqas all around Pakistan and, in that process, he has illuminated numerous hearts with the Zikr of Allah. He now has students across the globe, with followings ranging from the villages of Kashmir to the metropolitans of the United States.

Travelling widely, he has been blessed by the company of various other Awliya, and was further granted Ijazah in the Naqshbandiya, Chistiya, Qadriya and Soharwardiya Orders by Hazrat Dr. Ismail Memon Madni DB (Khalifa of Shaykh-Ul-Hadith Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Zakariya Kandhalvi RA). He was also granted Ijazah in the Shazliya order by Maulana Ishaq Sajid DB(Khalifa-e-Mijaz of Maulana Ali Murtaza RA of Gadei Shareef) .

Hazrat has worked tremendously hard to eradicate misconceptions and fitnas in Islam, and his lectures contain a recurrent theme that rationally proves Islam as a deen (way of life) and not just a religion defining a set of rituals. His lectures provide logical proofs of the dangers of viewing Islam as something that is isolated from the world and, through examples in the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW), show how Islam is to be followed in the modern day. In that effort, most of the lectures and Halqas conducted also have separate, Shariah compliant arrangements for females so that they are not deprived the chance to learn the Zikr of Allah.

As a Shaykh, he is entrusted with the duty of purifying the souls of his students (Tazkiya-e-Nafs) and instilling in them a panoptic and exclusive love for Allah and His Prophet (SAW)- he does this through his own radiating love for Allah and His Prophet (SAW); obliterating the worldly loves of his students and truly cleansing the souls of those in the search for Allah.

Hazrat delivers weekly lectures at his House and is perennially available for the guidance and reformation of his students. Students who have entered into the Sufi Orders with Hazrat are required to remain under Hazrat’s active guidance, remaining in constant contact to ensure that every aspect of their lives is modelled under the commandments of the Shariah. In essence, taking bayt at the hands of Hazrat Shaykh Humayun Hanif DB is, in no way, ritualistic.

Hazrat pursued his primary and secondary education from the Karachi Grammar School and looked after the family business throughout his professional life. He has also engaged actively in welfare provision, being a board member of various organizations that provide healthcare, education, and other services for the betterment of society.

Since the age of 50, Hazrat has devoted all of his time to the islah (spiritual purification) and betterment of the Ummah.

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